Contrast and compare 'karnak cafe' and 'The day the leader was killed' by Naghuib Mahfouz - Literature review Example

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Contrast and compare 'karnak cafe' and 'The day the leader was killed' by Naghuib Mahfouz

The mutual interaction over delicate situations between the characters reveal in the most natural way, the convictions for which the novel stands for. This is the uniqueness of the writing style of the author. As the story develops, it becomes poignant without losing its ground and reality. Mahfouz has created a sensational and beautiful character in Qurunfula, the proprietress of Cafe. She is just like the oases in desert. The stern author becomes an entirely different man when he portrays her character. He turns a poet in adoring her qualities of head and heart. How she puts up with the vicissitudes of life is brilliantly elucidated by the author. How intelligently she detaches from her glorious past and maintains her essential dignity as a common individual, is a lesson for womenfolk in any part of the world. Contrast….2 The protagonist, though entered the Cafe, by chance, he was surprised to see Qurunfula there in her new role. He describes his past relationship with her in a cryptic style. Mahfouz (2008, p.4) writes, “We had never had any kind of relationship, whether of affection, self-interest, or simply courtesy.” How and to what extent she is able to retain her past beauty of the body and nobility of soul! Here is another masterful description of the Karnak Cafe with the presence of Qurunfula. ...
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Contrast….1 Order#: 510167 Topic: Contrast and compare 'Karnak Cafe' and 'The Day the Leader was Killed' by Naghuib Mahfouz Karnak Cafe is an interesting novel. The theme of the novel and the author’s attitude towards the theme evoke curiosity. The level of detachment achieved by the author in this otherwise serious plot is commendable…
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