Module: Crime and the City: Has hate Crime risen or decreased in the past ten years? - Outline Example

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Module: Crime and the City: Has hate Crime risen or decreased in the past ten years?

The different data sites will be presented because they are contreversial. Some say they contribute to fear (Crime Types 2010) . Slide 4: Why is Ilford a perfect example: -ethnic diversification, -multi-culture hate crimes change constantly. -police force well trained -silent reporting fascilities -programs for victims -Social Outreach programs Slide 5: Victim's Fear - concept changes by culture, victims suffer - impedes reacting, reporting Slide 6: Defining potential hate groups is a new concept. Preventing a crime before it happens(FBI 2003) Abstract: Hate Crime in Ilford Essex Hate Crime has increased in the last 10 years in Ilford. This area of London has a very high racially mixed population (Statistics 2001). It's a continuing changing diversity in cultures; in addition to the economic crisisi during the past ten years are two potential elements in sociopsychological conditions in creating hate crimes. ...
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COMPLETE Hate Crime in a Diverse Population as Ilford Introduction: Slide 1. Hate Crime has increased in the last 10 years in Ilford. According to the 2001 statistics South Ilford has a population of 55% of racial mixed cultures. () This area has been chosen for it's diversity in cultures; to see how difference exterior influences hate crimes economic crisisi during the past ten years why the political arena has changed the concept of hate and fear why this area has specifically suffered from racial and religious hate crimes…
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