Drugs and sports marketing - Literature review Example

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Drugs and sports marketing

Mottram (2011) summarized the fundamental reasons into four, namely: 1) for legitimate therapeutic use (prescription drug or self-medication); 2) performance continuation (treatment of sports injuries); 3) recreational/social use (legal and illegal); 4) performance enhancement. (p16) These classifications underscore the sheer expanse of the coverage of drug-use in sports and one may be sure the industry that supplies the requirements is lucrative as well. The extant literature on this theme – drugs and sports marketing – is equally expansive and comprehensive owing to this particular aspect in addition to the degree of attention it receives. Sports is a popular form of entertainment today. These two variables combined demonstrate how drugs and its use affect the public image of sports and in the process illustrate to how it is perceived and, hence, marketed to its public. The following sections outline the key issues of this topic in the body of literature. These issues include: the ban/restrictions on drug use based on ethical and moral considerations alone; the fairness of performance-enhancing drugs in competition; and how drugs negatively affect the public image of sports. Key Issues Balancing Act Many observers and scholars underscore that it is imperative to distinguish the use of drugs in sports as Mottram had previously done. The reason behind this lies in the way drugs are perceived by both policymakers and the public that patronize the sports industry. There are several studies that argue how the negative connotation of drug-use often put athletes and sporting bodies in dangerous disadvantage. ...
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This article investigates the relationship of drugs and drug-use with sports marketing according to the existing literature on the subject. There are two important findings in this investigation. …
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