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Gender differences - Essay Example

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Gender & Sexual Studies
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Expectant mothers and fathers wonder it all the time:Is our new baby going to be a boy or a girl It does not only happen at the point where a new baby is being brought into the world,but also through everyday contact with other people.Sometimes we find ourselves asking whether adults are male or female…

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Gender differences

Expectant mothers and fathers wonder it all the time: Is our new baby going to be a boy or a girl It does not only happen at the point where a new baby is being brought into the world, but also through everyday contact with other people. Sometimes we find ourselves asking whether adults are male or female. It can be hard to tell in certain cases, and it is often the first thing we ask ourselves upon meeting someone for the first time. Naturally, the inability to tell leaves us confused and uncomfortable, and that is because we are so used to gender norms. When we turn out to be wrong on our guess, we feel even more uncertain about our ability to tell the difference between men and women (Bland, 2003).According to Bland (2003, pg. 1), "Men are different from women. That would seem to be self-evident. They are different in aptitude, skill and behavior, but then, so is every individual person. So why do we make such a fuss about it It seems not unreasonable to suggest that the sexes are different because their brains are different, but then no two human brains are the same. It is suggested that our culture is in trouble because many women have been brought up to believe they should be as good as a man. Well, why not...Suffice it to say that all the studies report on the way boys and girls are, not how they got to be that way. Or rather how they were at the time of the study. Commonality across cultures and species implies some biological basis. ...
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