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Cyberculture and Cybersexuality

Since the middle of 1960s sociologists and social philosophers actively discussed a question on the introduction of the most developed countries in a qualitatively other stage of social development characterized by them as a post-industrial or information society which main distinguishing criterion is the defining role of information technologies in all spheres of people and society life.
In general, information technologies cannot be considered as something belonging exclusively to the world of techniques for they have so deeply got into the life of people and society, that it is obviously not possible to isolate them from the general world outlook and cultural context any more. The quantum leap in the information industry urgently specifies necessity of the analysis of the newest technologies through a prism of world outlook changes.
We should admit that those changes are observed in all spheres of human life and also in the sphere of human sexuality. In the context of Cyber Sexuality, they claim that digital communication technologies have led to a more isolated society.
Theoretical Background
This issue is very topical as on revealing of relationship between the information technologies which have created unique opportunities for new vision and perception of a social (an in particular sexual) reality on the boundary of the third millennium will allow to give to concept "cyber sexuality" more concrete and powerful theoretical status in order to protect it from unilateral and unduly prejudiced interpretations.
In 1984 William Gibson (1984: 51) has published the novel "Neuromancer" in which for the first time he has entered the concept of a cyberspace: "Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced by billions of legitimate operators ". ...
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Last decades of the twentieth century are marked by the events which scientifically transformed modern social and cultural reality. …
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