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Gender Gap

Some women are very interested in female equality, some are apathetic, and some stand firmly against it. This study further concluded that the more education the father has, the more likelihood there is that the daughter will be a feminist. Sexism is a process based on historical traditions and stereotypes. Sexism is the process of assigning life roles according to gender. The basic institutions of socialization are education and the family. Sexism begins in the family. The behaviors associated with sexism are so deeply ingrained into our minds that sexist behaviors are generally unconscious. Both men and women practice sexism in their daily behaviors by means of speech, dress, attitudes, and goals. “Unfortunately, the potential for harm is great, as gender bias in children’s literature historically has been widespread. Early studies of picture books from the 1970s and before have shown that under-representation of girls and women and gender-typed character roles are prevalent in a variety of samples of children’s books but under-representation was not as severe”. Sexism respects neither race nor color nor culture. It can be compared with racism in that it identifies a portion of the population and designates them "different" and, therefore, inferior. Sexism involves the combination of power and prejudice. Male dominance and female passiveness have remained in cultural, institutional, and individual practices even though technological advancements have negated strength and speed as required factors of dominance. ...
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The researcher of this essay "Gender Gap" aims to analyze gender gap which is still a problem for many women based on deep historical beliefs and traditions which narrow gender gap and promote stereotypes of women as weak and less importance gender. …
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