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History of Strategy

This book, even today, continues to be the strategy bible for some of the best corporate leaders, football coaches, cricket mentors etc. Contributions to strategy were from different domains – military, political, academic and practitioners as well. The word strategy is derived from “strategos” – a combination of the Latin words “stratos” meaning an Army and “agein” which meant to lead. “Strategos” was used to refer to an Army General in Athens. In 1505 AD, Nicolo Machiavelli, a politician authored a book titled “The Prince”. This book consisting of 26 chapters dealt with principles of the governance of a kingdom or a State. His strategy of taking control of country by either treating the powerful citizens very well or crushing them completely, gave rise to the Machiavillean philosophy in politics and governance. The academic origins of Strategy can be traced back to the 1960s when Drucker, Ansoff and Chandler studied the prosperity of large successful American corporations before and after the II World War and created a platform for the "Classical School of Business Strategy". Though it had its roots in the Military Strategy, this school has never been replaced by a better total view about strategy. ...
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HISTORY OF STRATEGY The beginnings of Strategy can be dated back to as early as 506 B.C. Sun Tzu, a Chinese general wrote the book “Art of War” which is believed to be the oldest military treatise in the world. This book made up of 13 chapters covered every detail about fighting a war, right from planning, waging the war, strategies, maneuvering, the quality of terrain, use of spies, attack and defence tactics etc…
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