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Identity and the Social Media

The immediacy of the format, the control that the user has in directing his formed identity, and the counterbalance that occurs as others can shadow and change that created identity creates an unprecedented sense of self, feeding narcissism while allowing for quick paced constructions and destructions of identifying characteristics. The social media has provided a new way in which to create an identity through almost endless modes of expression which has extended the way in which self-awareness and actualization is now occurring.
Because of the nature of consumerism, Western culture has developed a great deal of power within the global community. The consumerist philosophy has begun to overtake many cultures revealing an effort through commercialized enterprise to Westernize each culture that is infiltrated (Ritzer 84). The imagery of the Western culture provides such a rich and abundant concept that the transfer of the materialistic nature of consumerist ideals seems to be the path on which to find a better life through contentment and happiness that is developed through materialistic gains (Prosser and Sitaram 12). Where the beginnings of Westernization of other cultures were once begun through colonization, consumerism from the West has become an infection that has created a desired Westernization in contrast to the undesirable state of colonization. Western companies have brought ideals to other cultures and have influenced demand, thus changing many aspects of other cultures in such a way as to equalize all of the world. ...
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Since the 1990s, the rise of the concept of ‘new media’ has changed the way in which people communicate. Because of this shift in interpersonal communication, there has arisen a new way in which to create and express identity…
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