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stem cell

In addition to this, stem cells also help in the internal repairing of the organs by dividing themselves endlessly to cover up for the lost or damaged cells. The new cell which is formed by the stem cell division has the ability to either become another stem cell or a cell with a particular function. Because of its functions, its biological uses are endless. Human heart muscles can be rebuilt, as well as cartilage muscles, bones, neurons and skeletal muscles. Pancreatic cells can be developed for diabetes patients, neurons for people with Alzheimer’s and bone marrow for cancer patients. These are but a few uses to mention. (Gross) Stem cell technology is the best biological step towards repairing of damaged organs as well as creating new ones. The goal of using stem cells is to strap up the chemical signals by which stem cells synchronize the development of organs of a fetus in the womb, and then repeat the process in adulthood to reshape the damaged organs into a better sustainable condition. (KU medical centre) Up till now the research has only been conducted on mice but it is believed that this technology would soon be in practice. ...
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[Name of the Author] [Name of the Instructor] [Date] Stem cell Few science and technology issues have lit so much fire of debate as the stem cells research. Stem cells are found in almost all the multi-cellular organisms. Stem cells discovery is an astonishing development in the medical sciences which would have limitless uses in this field…
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