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Gender Equity in the Classroom

The role of an educator in an intercultural classroom is to ensure the each and every student in the classroom is able to communicate and amicably work with people from other cultures with tolerance, understanding and respect. The educator has to not only impart information about his / her subject to the student, but they must do so in such a way that every student, irrespective of cultural background can understand what is being taught and does not feel left out or belittled. One aspect that is often left unnoticed in education is gender inequality, which can definitely leave certain students feeling left out or neglected. Whether they are aware of it or not, there is always some discrimination based on gender in every school and by every teacher. Each person has a stereotypical idea of the behavior that should be exhibited by boys and girls and this idea influences their interaction with their students. Numerous studies have revealed that boys are encouraged to be straightforward and unreserved and are praised more often for academic performance than girls. A girl is expected to be good at studies while boys do not have the same level of expectations from their teachers. This assumption of a non-physical distinction in their abilities is exactly the bias that needs to be rooted out of educational institutions. A girl is criticized for speaking loudly, while a boy is excused for doing so. ...
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With globalization and improved international relations in the world today, there are many changes occurring in each nation to adapt to the new socio-cultural environment created by the influx of people from other countries into their own…
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