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Wall Street Journal : Wine and Spirits

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND HEALTH It was believed that alcoholic beverages, particularly wines, were the prime medicinal agents of our ancestors from the ancient world into the early nineteenth century wherein, wine was the most common ingredient in the medicines of ancient Egypt, Syria, and Mesopotamia, either taken by mouth or topically applied (Katsigris and Thomas 9). People who drank alcohol (not in excessive intake) of centuries ago were healthier and hardier because of its known nutritional benefits and tend to live longer and reproduce more (Katsigris and Thomas 9). They even used it to sterile an open wound as what we see in Western movies. SIX BASIC DISTILLED SPIRITS Distilled spirits are made from fermented liquids either from wine, grains, herbs, and spices, plants, and fruits. The process, distillation, is done through heating, cooling, and condensing liquids to extract and concentrate their alcohol content (Katsigris and Thomas 7) taking its neutral spirits with little color, aroma, or flavor (Bohrmann 16). Tan 2 Distillation from wine products. The spirits derived from distillation of fermented grapes or what we known as wines are the famous brandies, cognacs, Armagnac, and grappa. ...
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Tan 1 Mary Joy C. Tan Wall Street Journal April 23, 2011 Artisan Liquor: Revolutionize the Spirit Mary Joy Tan As you enter a room filled with people smoking, you’ll see a glass of brandy or whiskey in their hands. Even ladies are handed with cocktails. In every gathering we attend to, even business related meetings, there is the serving of distilled spirits…
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