an evaluation of the training programme and how it effects performance at debenhams -westfield - Literature review Example

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an evaluation of the training programme and how it effects performance at debenhams -westfield

The study relates the concept of performance management and training implementation to Debenhams, in regards to the manner in which it applies the training methods and how it affects the company's competency and performance rate. Performance is defined as being able to finish a task that is measured against certain standards such as completeness, accuracy, speed and cost. In a contractual agreement, performance can be regarded as a completion or fulfillment of an obligation, which unbinds the person from the liabilities within the signed agreement (Torrington, Hall & Taylor, 2008). Most define performance as the act of accomplishing a task and producing an outcome in line with the objective. Others believe that as long as a result is presented, it is an acceptable performance as it is; and if the objectives are not met, the rate of performance is not at par as projected. Performance cannot be evaluated through the outcome alone, as results are triggered by actions that cause it. Aside from the efforts made to produce a result, other aspects that can affect the outcome can be both external and internal factors (Institutional Management in Higher Education, 2009). Assessing performance by means of the results alone is not appropriate. ...
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Abstract The study highlights the significance of training programmes in organizations such as Debenhams - Westfield, in terms of influence and effects on the employees and the company in store in general. The study begins with a brief background of performance and how it is assessed in the industry…
Author : lueilwitzsterli
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