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Gender and the Workforce

Gender and the Workforce

In the following paragraphs an attempt has been made to analyze the unequal distribution of labor between the genders associated with unemployment, wage gaps and workplace discrimination that are at a much aggravated level in UK than in US, though the socio-economic implications are more or less the same. Workplace discrimination is more pronounced in UK than in the US, where gender segregation in profession is attributed to the preferences of women for more flexible female dominated sectors. In US occupational segregation is somewhat countered by gender crossovers in professions, which is not a common trend in UK. Thus, the origins for such gender based disparity are evidently distinct due to the subtle socio-cultural differences between the workforces of two countries.
This interplay between gender and the workforce largely regulates the fulcrum of the eternal demand - supply balance in the labor market, thereby assisting in the economic growth of a country. An unequal distribution of workforces due to differences in gender issues is liable to create disparity in employment standards leading to professional inactivity in the society. This does have serious implications in the demand aspect of the contemporary labor market, which can further be aggravated under the present recessionary conditions. The paper aims to focus on this grave situation resulting from a widespread economic inequality due to gender bias.The participation and wage gap based on gender differences are seen to adverse effects on the overall socio-economic balance of US and UK that are prone to inflict projected imbalances in a global scale. ...
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The paper concentrates on the overall picture of gender disparity in workforce for both US and UK. There are chronic disparities in the employment rate, wage structure and labor participation rates between the sexes in the labor markets of both the countries, leading to perturbations in the overall economic advancement of the world as a whole…
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