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Abortion: A Right Of a Woman

Moreover, despite of having no straightforward links with abortion, even people from religious fields have jumped into the debate (Kaczor, 2011, p.5). However, what people have failed to ask is that if it is their right to interfere with someone’s personal issue. After all, abortion is a personal matter as the decision should solely depend on the woman who is pregnant. Sadly, instead of trying to understand the dilemma and the situation under which a woman decides to do abortion, people pass their judgments and declare the woman as bad and evil (Kaczor, 2011, p.5). This is because they think that abortion is as good as killing a person and hence, is equal to murder (Kaczor, 2011, p.5). However, there are many aspects to this point of view and hence, people should show some restrain and decency while judging women who have undergone abortion (Kaczor, 2011, p.5). Moreover, the most important point in favor of abortion is not the quantity of life but the quality of life. If a woman realizes that she is not fit enough, or is not provided properly to take care of a child, then she has complete right to abort the pregnancy. The fetus is an intimate part of woman’s body and she should have every right to take a decision about it. However, as it has happened throughout the ages, women are victim of the patriarchal system and are always deprived of their rights. ...
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Abortion is one of the most debated issues in the world today.Due to its relation to the ‘life’ of the fetus, it has become a matter of ethics and morality.People from different walks of life have contributed their views towards the issue of abortion…
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