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Homosexuals emphasize that their sexual inclination towards the same gender is a result of their nature. They say that they did not choose to be gay, they were born gays! In fact, this is only a fake argument. There is no truth in it. Homosexuality is just as much a matter of choice as is the matter of choice of clothes, school or friends. There is no doubt in the fact that human nature is attracted towards evil things. Porn attracts even the most pious of humans because it is human nature, though not everybody watches it. It is our own decisions that depict what we our irrespective of our sexual inclination. Many straight people may feel attracted towards people from the same gender sexually at some points in their life. Likewise, many homosexuals feel sexually attracted towards people from opposite gender at some points in their life. It so happens with everybody and is quite normal to happen, but this does not depict if an individual is a gay or not, unless the individual chooses to resolve that he/she is a gay. The validity of this argument can be estimated from the fact that homosexuality is strictly forbidden in nearly all the religions. If one was destined to be a gay, one would not be punished for indulging in homosexual practices. But that is not the case. The Holy Books clearly mention the punishment for homosexuals as will be discussed shortly.
Homosexuality may, in part, be an outcome of the nurture. Adopted children growing up in gay families in gay marriages may not consider homosexuality wrong, since they have been seeing their so-called parents cohabit since the very early years of life. ...
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Homosexuality, as the name implies, is the tendency of an individual to do sex with another individual from the same gender.Homosexuals have been there since the evolution of mankind on Earth …
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