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Feminism in the Light of Feminist Narratives

Barbara Findlen’s Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation is able to provide me a new way of understanding women’s struggle in the third wave. My previous understanding of feminism resolves in the surge of women’s situation from their old tradition as mere caretakers of the household, denied of education and employment, and had a limited right to suffrage. Feminism had been a political idea, had always been, and still is. When women earned their right to education and employment, bid goodbye to being merely relegated to the sidelines as a mother and wife, and finally being able to vote, I thought that the woman is then free and all she has to do is to ensure that this freedom is not taken from her. However, the third wave feminism proves that the feminist struggle continues on and the issues that every female must resolve are reflected on language, gestures, and movements of people and society in everyday living.
My perceptions about the third wave feminist struggle made a shift or would I say, an improved turn over the course of the semester as aided by the authors of Listen Up. Not being a racist, but my previous consciousness on feminism has always been directed towards Europe, the proponent of feminism, neglecting or putting into sidelines the other female experiences in other parts of the world. The feminist struggle is not limited to a certain race, social class, or ethnicity, but encompasses all these and Findlen’s Listen Up was able to reiterate this point. ...
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The following paper presents the ideas of feminist young women found in the Barbara Findlen’s writing "Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation". Thus, according to Findlen the experiences of individual women of sexism have always been our point of entry into feminism…
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