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the impact of E-commerce on the auditing standards

Continuous innovation in the information world has drastically changed the nature of works of business organization as well as of individuals. Substantial dependence on information system has also enhanced individuals’ innovative power. Today people can not only dream about some spectacular thing, but they can actually give a realistic shape to their dreams with the implementation of information system. For example, a few decades ago it was even beyond imagination that people can get the opportunities to enroll themselves in any foreign universities without making any physical presence. But continuous and spectacular innovations in the field of information technology have made people dream about distant learning where they can be in continuous touch with their tutors and college administration without making there physical presence in college campuses. Thus information system not only revolutionized they way people do their works, but also the way people think. In this age of highly improved information age ecommerce has become a very popular term. E-commerce can be defined as “the use of electronic transmission medium (telecommunication) to engage in the exchange, including buying and selling of products and services requiring transportation either physically or digitally from location to location. Introduction of ecommerce has been found to have produced some positive effects on economic performance of a country. ...
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Table of Content: 1. Introduction 2 2. Literature Review 4 2.1 A Brief Look at Ecommerce 4 2.2 Issues relating to Audit Planning 5 2.3 Issues relating to the implementation of audit plan 8 2.4 Impact of E-commerce on Auditing 10 3. Research Objectives and questions 13 4…
Author : gottliebannabel

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