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Sexual Pressure by Peers

The 2003 survey of the Kaiser Family Foundation gives one a picture of the youths’ attitude on sex, contacting sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted/unexpected pregnancy (Stone 2004). Numerous adolescents, especially boys, feel peer pressure to have sex before they are ready (Auerback 1994). The survey also gave a report that boys mention drugs and alcohol are conveyors of sexual activities, often without the use of protection such as condom.
One out three adolescent males aged 15-17 says that yes, he can sense the pressure to already engage in sexual activities, while one out of five females of the same age bracket says the same thing (Stone 2004). Their friend’s influence for them to drink was high equally for both boys and girls; pressure to take addicting substances has about the same rate with pressure to have sex, according to the survey. Finally, a total of 63 percent of adolescents surveyed (aged 15-17) agreed either strongly or somewhat that "waiting to have sex is a good thing but nobody really does this." Surprisingly, 6 percent of the boys said they are ‘more likely to say so’.
Promiscuous, irresponsible sexual activity is the world’s main cause of HIV epidemic. A surprising average of two young individuals per hour per day gets the HIV virus. Half of everyday’s recorded HIV cases worldwide are young people under the age of 25. HIV/ AIDS are spreading at alarming rate and are costing billions of dollars to prevent or eradicate. It has also claimed millions of lives (Hasida 2003). ...
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The research paper "Sexual Pressure by Peers" presents the problem of sexual pressure by peers especially among teenagers that causes sexual crisis and wich of being accepted in a group of experienced peers. It can cause guilt, unwanted pregnancy, HIV, and catching sexually transmitted diseases…
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