Identity Development And Societal Attitudes of Gay, Lesbian And Bisexual Adolescents - Essay Example

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Identity Development And Societal Attitudes of Gay, Lesbian And Bisexual Adolescents

This paper stresses that there is a lack of humanity in the modern society. There are a lot of religious, social or homophobic principles that prevent people from being tolerant to people other than they. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there is a need to propagate a correct social stereotype about homosexuals and bisexuals. In case contemporaries remain homophobes, we would come closer to racist society. A propagation of a humane attitude to gays, lesbians and bisexuals is a relevant measure that has to be taken by the contemporaries. These individuals are full right citizens of our society. They should be free in making their personal choices and have the same freedoms as all other members of the society. There is no need to prevent these individuals from their right of becoming full-right participants of the society. Homosexuality is not an intimidating factor for the modern society. Thus, it is more relevant to be patient and tolerant to these individuals. Moreover, taking into account the fact that LGB individuals are responsive members of their communities, perfect parents and devoted spouse means that there is no deviance in the behavior of these individuals. It is better to create more favorable conditions for the full-fledged development of identities of LGB individuals.
This report makes a conclusion that in case the modern society is more open to representatives of LGB, the latter would have a chance to live and function under no oppression. In this case, their self-and sexual identities would develop in harmony. Their clear sexual identification would facilitate a process of their further socialization. In spite of the fact that these people are often oppressed, they remain open and tolerant members of the society. If to treat them the way they treat all other people, the society would be more humane and full of respect. ...
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This paper talks that a conservative model of personal relations and marriage is substituted with a wider look on human relations. Our society is ready to accept gays, lesbians and bisexuals and the latter do not miss their chance to protect their rights. …
Author : emmykessler

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