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Outraged moms, trashy daughters

The author describes the generation gap between todays mothers and their teenage daughters also as a gap between how the two generations differ in terms of valuing equality and female empowerment. She also expressed her concern over "heightened sexual activity," and the "sexualization of young girls" but also mentions the lack of depth and reflection among teenagers today. The above observations are a feminist concern and in this reaction paper, I agree with the observations of the author. Feminists earlier opposed the vulgar representation of female images in magazines and advertisements because of their strong protest in visualizing females as a commercial object rather than an individual. On the other hand, current female teenagers like to see people enjoying their sexy bodies. In fact, they are doing everything possible to wear dresses, which expose their body maximum. This is not because of their inherent traits, as we all know that their mothers strongly protested against the female objectification, but because of the changing life styles and philosophy of life. The teenage girls are made to dress in this manner because it is the norm of the society. Female teenagers of the current generation are witnessing the enormous publicity of celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Angelina Julie, and Salma Hayek etc. They know that these people enjoy great publicity not because of their talents alone, but because of their beautiful bodies also. ...
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The male dominant society has never allowed females to exercise individualism according to their own needs and wishes. They have always structured ways through which, females can gain success and reputation. The article, “Outraged Moms, Trashy Daughters" written by Ann Kingston reveals the current feminist concerns of the American society. …
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