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Gender Identity

This paper stresses that gender identity is the sense of identification whether you are a male or a female. This concept entails appearance, behaviors and several other aspects which are always influenced by society and culture.
This report makes a conclusion that psychologists believe that human identities are the composition of separate components. The first involves the child’s orientation towards sex whether he is homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Second important aspect is child’s behavior whether a male is a sensitive boy or macho type guy or a female is tomboyish or homemaker type lady. The third aspect involves core gender identity that determines whether a child is according to his or her sex or opposite to it. Still scientists and researchers are quite uncertain to predict when these feelings arise and come forward. Some consider this phenomenon as physical while others believe that it is mental or psychological fact. There is also a great debate that gender identity is shaped by the maturity of hormones mainly estrogens and testosterones. Gender identity comes into view by age of two which is a combination of sociological as well as biological factors. Beside sex differences, males and females are quite different from childhood. As girls reach to maturity quicker and faster than boys. Girls are healthier and have abilities to develop written and oral skills quicker as compared to boys. ...
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This essay talks that gender identity is, basically, a concept that refers to the feel whether you are a female, male or transgender. There are many actors that play a vital role in the formation of gender identity. These generally include family, society and those playing role before death…
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