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The Comfort Women of Nanking

There are many evidences found in the literature archives that showed women were in the brothels army camp but none of these directly link the responsibility to the Japanese government. There were also photos found showing former comfort women, now in their 80’s standing in protest rallies. On the other hand, there are hard evidences on the part of the Japanese government that sustains their position of denial. On the basis of evidences, study concludes that the Japanese government did not violate any international law on armed conflict as rape is one of the atrocities of war. A recommendation on further study of the law on armed conflict is suggested to avoid recurrence of the situation in the future.

The case of comfort women, once kept in secret and not discussed openly, has become a source of uncomfortable diplomatic relations with its affected Asian neighbors. After nearly 60 years of keeping quiet, and with the support of international groups, these women break their silence to demand recognition and payment for their sufferings. These ex-comfort women who are now on their eighties still believe that they deserve to be paid because of the agony they had experienced. In reply, the Japanese Government maintains its position of denial of responsibilities and remains steadfast in its response that it has met all its WWII responsibilities set in WWII treaties.

This paper aims to provide an assessment of strategies mounted by the Japanese Government to contradict the claims of the ex-comfort women. I focus on the experiences of the women, particularly on the harrowing nightmares of the sexual abuses to draw an insight on the events referred to. ...
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This paper looks at the complaints of comfort women during WWII and their demands for compensations as payment for their sufferings when they were repeatedly raped and were exposed to non-human treatments. …
Author : npaucek

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