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Discourses on Latina femininity

As was aforementioned, it is all about the values each nation promotes for the cultural turnaround worldwide. In other words, the competition between Latinas in the US is too high due to the fact that all of them are still considered the second class of people living in the country (Mendible 15). Overrepresented in the low (or even lowest) niche of the social life, the percentage of Latina beauties in Hollywood is to small to provide some radical change.
Once again, due to the economic disparities among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white layers of the American society, there is plenty to talk on the “otherness” of Latina/o people according to the mainstreams cultural and showbiz standards and flows currently accepted in the US. Mendible points out in her study that this “gap” makes Latinas subjugated by popular media representations:
Clearly, a complex array of competing interests and discursive forces produced the idea of “the Latin woman,” and it will take the collective efforts of Latino/a scholars, independent filmmakers, feminist writers, activists, and embodied others to slowly strip the myth of its power to bind and denigrate (15-16).
To conclude, the issue of Latina sexuality and gender disparity within the Latino community is well established as a second-class way of entertainment for full-of-themselves Western consumers in the media sphere. Notably, it is all about buying or selling beauty in order to get rid of the burdens of life in the array of lower niche of existence. ...
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In the paper “Discourses on Latina femininity” the author analyzes the main precursors of the Latina body in popular film and culture. He it identifies what accounts for or gives rise to changing notions of Latina sexual femininity and Latina beauty. …

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