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Controversy over gay & lesbian couples raising children as opposed to straight couples

Even in United States, some states do not allow same sex partners to adopt children. This is also the case in some of the European countries except for England, in which adoption by gay and lesbian couples have been legalized in order to provide parents to homeless children. Around the world, countries vary in the level of rights they provide to gay and lesbian couples in terms of adoption (Simon & Brooks 2009).
There are two sides to this argument of whether same sex partners can be good parents or not. Some individuals believe that if gays and lesbians adopt children, they then will be preventing heterosexuals from adopting; however, many gays and lesbians adopt children from foster care or other countries as it is difficult to find families for these children (Adamec & pierce 2000). The analysis of how fine the kids grow with gay couples or straight couples is still incomplete and the conservatives think that these adoptions should not be legalized until it is proved that same sex parenting is completely safe. Other side of the argument says that the sexual orientation of the parents have no connection with the upbringing of the children. They say that the child’s social, emotional and behavioral patterns are not affected by this issue. Gay rights groups in many states fought for the right of gay adoption, which gradually began to change the climate on this issue (Kranz & Cusick 2000). It is considered by liberals that both women and men have the same capability to be good parents. The children of same sex partners do not show different behavior if compared to children raised by straight parents.
With the gradual change in the society, the concept of perfect straight couple marriage is gradually fading. There are other alternatives which are now acceptable as a perfect marriage model. Many countries are gradually accepting this fact ...
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These relationships can be sexual, romantic or just simple close relationship. Males having this kind of relationship with males are called gays, and females with females are referred to as…
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