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Current Event

s to achieve a two-fold objective, to wit: (1) to provide explanations on the issues discussed within the article; and (2) to demonstrate the ways that the article is related to the course material.
Terkel noted Pelosi to emphasize that Republicans were advancing three legislations that limit or restrict access to abortion by (1) preventing the use of taxpayers’ money to fund abortion-related services; (2) denying tax credits to employers or business establishments that allow health coverage of employees with abortion access; (3) denying “federal family-planning funds under Title X to groups that offer abortion access” (Terkel, 2011, par. 4); and (4) allowing hospitals to turn away women who opt to terminate pregnancy even for the purpose of saving lives (Terkel, 2011, par. 5).
The concerns raised by Pelosi are related to the issues on women’s health, particularly on reproductive health and reproductive rights (Kirk and Okazawa-Rey, 2004, p. 173). The topic of abortion is still a controversial issue when taken within a global perspective. Not only to take into account the issue seen as barred and illegal in predominantly Catholic nations, the issue has been monitored to provide risks to women (Malter and Wind, 2012). Accordingly, “research from WHO shows that complications due to unsafe abortion continued to account for an estimated 13% of all maternal deaths worldwide in 2008; almost all of these deaths occurred in developing countries” (Malter & Wind, 2012).
The concern on Pelosi, as disclosed in the article focused primarily on the legislation that sought to deny federal family planning funds to groups that offer access to abortion services. As averred, “I cant believe that everybody who is anti a womans right to choose is anti-birth control and contraception and family planning” (Terkel, 2011, par. 7). Aside from denying rights to avail or restrict access of services to abortion, these legislations actually aim to limit the funds to be ...
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The article written by Amanda Terkel entitled “Nancy Pelosi: Womens Rights Face Greatest Threat In Our Lifetime” and published in the politics section of the Hufftington Post on February 10, 2011 proffered pertinent issues relative to reproductive rights being threatened…
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