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Female Circumcision

According to the world health organization, the definition of Female Genital Mutilation, FGM, is inclusive all nonmedical activities that alter or cause injury to the female genitals (WHO, 1). The exercise of female circumcision is practiced across all continents, however, at different rates. It is done to all ages, but those at the age of 15 and below are at the greatest risk of undergoing the process, depending on the parental influence and the socio-cultural inclination of a given community. For example, Africa is estimated to have an average of 300, 000 girls undergoing circumcision annually (WHO, 1). Factors that encourage female circumcision The practice of Female circumcision was and is still considered as good tradition by many societies. It is done for a number of reasons that have inclination to cultural, religious and social attachments. In communities that encourage the practice, FGM is a means of attaining gender and cultural identity. It viewed as part and parcel of raising the up the females children, preparation to adulthood and marriage. Girls who undergo circumcision are considered to be mature women and can get involved in relationships. ...
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Introduction Culture defines a society’s values and norms. In some communities, female circumcision is considered a cultural tradition, norm and has “attached value”. However, this act in other communities is classified as a vice and propagators are subjected to face stern actions…
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