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Usually, the fear of unknown if women replaced men in the works they did, somehow brings about a difference between genders. Women empowerment is a great weapon from women to become independent from the oppression they have been from men (Kimmel, Amy & Kaler 2). With the mushrooming up of many gender activists and governments support, women became to get empowered and achieved their dreams. In a society that is gender based, fighting for the rights of women to be equal to that of men is really a hard task, but something still has be done. Therefore, any person who supports the rights of women in the society is usually a feminist. In this present generation, with much confusion originating from the aspect gender, still there is need for the minority and the oppressed gender to be given their rightful place in the society. It is high time women came up and proved themselves, but in order to reach there, much fighting for their rights have to be done. Recent researches have shown that there exist little difference between man and woman and hence there is no need for gender inequality to exist. Today, gender being a very sensitive issue due to occurrence of gender based violence in most countries; careful attention has to be accorded to the empowerment of women (Kimmel, Amy & Kaler, 2). Gender on the other hand is defined as the relations between women and men, and can be both material and perpetual. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Identity-Feminist Paper A feminist is one who advocates for political, social, economic and legal rights for women to be equal to those of men. Over the past centuries, women have always been the oppressed in the society and lived miserable lives under men…
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