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Sexual Profile of Gomez Addams

The director sets the pace for the audience of a Gomez character who gives the impression of a lustrous man, with the qualities of a high sexual profile trait that sets a good example of the qualities of a sexually endowed profile that a man would crave for. His lifestyle is vast, well attributed with good qualities that enhance his sexual profile. Some of his attributes give him the chance to elaborate an ideal character of a well endowed sexual profile (Miserocchi, & Addams, 2010). Financial Background The character formation of Gomez Addams is portrayed in the TV series of the Addams family. He features as a multi millionaire family man who possesses a wide range of investments all over the world, particularly possessing investments in real estate and additionally an extraordinary crocodile farm named Crocodiles Unlimited. Furthermore, he has made investments in uranium mining, a tombstone factory and in farming. His character is portrayed as a well financially endowed character, who does not share much enthusiasm in spending sums of money in the event of pleasing his wife and family. This character brings out a charm that would intrigue and intimidate sexual orientation to many of the viewers. ...
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Sexual Profile of Gomez Addams Instructor: Contents Contents 1 Introduction 2 Financial Background 2 Family Background 4 Negative Traits 5 Conclusion 6 Reference 6 Miserocchi, K. & Addams, C. (2010). The Addams Family: An Evilution…
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