What was womens roles and their place in society during the Tang Period in China? The Emperors Pearl, by Robert Gulik - Essay Example


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What was womens roles and their place in society during the Tang Period in China? The Emperors Pearl, by Robert Gulik

In “The Emperor’s Pearl,” by Robert Gulik, there is an understanding of gender identity and how this marginalizes women in society. The role of women is one which ranges from subordination to men to worship of women because of the religious associations. The dichotomy of gender roles then becomes a part of the Tang Dynasty and the way in which women were looked at during the time frame. The concepts which are portrayed in the book show how women in society were looked at through the patriarchal format of culture, specifically with their roles in society. However, this was followed with the Confucius thoughts that began to alter the beliefs and thoughts of gender to create the dichotomy of the book. The role of women and gender roles was one which was regarded through the traditions and expectations in the book. The traditions are required to be observed, specifically which is noted with men who take care of business and meet together while women remain in the background, as maids or absent from the book. Characters such as Kou show this with their approaches to tradition and the placement of women. “A pleased smile crossed Kou’s handsome, vivacious face. He said: ‘I take part in the races mainly to see to it that the old traditions are faithfully observed” (Gulik, 14). ...
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Gender roles and identity continues to change in various time frames, specifically which becomes dependent on the definitions and roles in society and culture. When looking at specific time frames, there is a relationship that is created to gender roles and the identity which is carried…
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