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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality in the workplace particularly has disastrous effects on the overall organization because the more stressful the working environment is the less effective is exhibited by employees. Between the years 1940 to 1995, a large number of women entered the labor force but unfortunately their exposure resulted in a whole new set of inequality problems. Unfortunately, inequality is also prevalent in the US government where men hold more than 85% of the elected positions and about 95% of the corporate executives are also males. On the other hand, women occupy two-thirds of the poor adult population. A substantial amount of the women population is still insecure because of problems such as sexual violence, occupational inequalities and feminization of poverty, continues to threaten them. We have encouraged women to pursue occupations once reserved only for their counterparts yet we have not encouraged men to follow traditional roles performed by women. Therefore, women continue to withstand the burden of undertaking family up bringing which inevitably limits the role they can play in the outside world. Therefore, it signifies that women are capable of contributing extensively towards economic and social development but their traditional responsibilities limit their capabilities. Despite the gender disparities that exist in our society, most of us do not consider it a serious problem and this is the very reason why the paradoxical legacy of inequality continues to plague our nation. ...
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The writer of the essay "Gender Inequality" suggests that gender inequality continues to plague modern society for multiple reasons, the most important of which is that we are not striving hard enough to eliminate it. Women are still suffering because they are deprived of their birth rights…
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