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Animal Human Cultures

ng the sufferings of both humans and nonhumans targeting on the role played by humans as protestors, when the human society itself is suffering by almost a similar degree. He even debates on the significance of such arguments or rather protests made by humans stating the sufferings of non-humans to be greater. It is in this context that the sufferings of human and nonhuman beings have emerged as a subject of great dispute suggesting that both should be provided with certain degree of prominence. Although unnecessary suffering of nonhumans is brutal, sufferings of human beings can also be proved as similarly terrible (Goodall, 1993, pp. 10-18).
This paper describes the significances of suffering of nonhuman beings and human beings from different perspectives based on the statement of Goodall (1993) that “Who are we to say that the suffering of a human being is more terrible than the suffering of a nonhuman being, or that it matters more?” (pp. 15). The objective of the paper is to understand the viewpoints of both types of sufferings and develop a rational understanding towards the issue.
There is rising awareness among the human society about abuse of nonhuman beings in zoos, forests, households and even circuses. There is also improved legislation in numerous nations to protect the nonhumans in the natural habitat. This motivates the humans to usually spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money for the well-being of nonhuman beings. However, it is to be noted that in every corner of the world, human beings are identified to be suffering due to several reasons such as hunger and lack of residential facilities among other causes. There are also circumstances of suffering among humans with respect to being tortured by the police and other powerful status holders. At times, it has also been observed that the children are intentionally distorted after destroying their body limbs (such as eyes, hands or legs) in order to make them begging. Besides, ...
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Sufferings have been continuing hand-in-hand with human society since long past which has, however, to a certain extent relaxed in the modern social order. On the other hand, the nonhumans are still observed to undergo tremendous suffering even though various measures have been…
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