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Reading Response Paper

They could use artificial hair that is white and do all bleaching, just to appear white. The desire to appear as white was so rooted into them as if this is the ultimate concept of beauty. Most people think of it as being the main parameter for judging whether a woman is beautiful. The white color, hair and culture among women, is considered the mark of beauty and cleanliness with black women despised as being dirty. This has led to most black women using their available time and resources in ways that could make them appear like the whites. The women appear as objects, which must please the male counterparts, and since it is the men who actually judge this beauty, the women are left as objects who must only try to satisfy the requirements for beauty as set by the men and the society. They therefore become slaves of Historical racial segregation and supremacy. Reading two about ‘when I was growing’ reminds me of racial segregation especially during the apartheid era in South Africa where the whites were considered more superior. The irony in this is that it is promoted by the blacks who considered themselves as being very important if they go out with the whites (Marable and Vanessa, 34). The black woman in this case sees herself as beautiful and in a higher class just by being asked out on a date by a white man. ...Show more


Instructor Date due Reading Response The reading that I like best is reading three: our crown, our glory, our roots by Meah Clay. This is because it talks about the frequently witnessed struggle of the African- American women, who try to be like whites since being white is considered as the barometer for beauty…
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Reading Response Paper essay example
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