Fertility Pattern and Economic Struggle - Research Paper Example

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Fertility Pattern and Economic Struggle

Feminism is a very important concept that must be thrown light upon when gender conflict is being talked about. Feminist aims at providing women more power and more rights than ever seen before. There are several feminists fighting for the rights of women all across the globe. Respect is also another important factor for which the feminists are consistently fighting. Gender conflict has made us understand how people enjoy preferential treatment and how the inferior strive for parity in the society. Race conflict is also quite similar to gender conflict, some people consider that their race is superior and others are inferior to them, this is certainly beyond the pale. Having a level playing field in the society is essential to facilitate growth; an ideal society always provides a level playing field. “Rae Lesser Blumberg developed a theory emphasizing women’s degree of control of the means of production and the distribution of economic surplus.” (Blumberg) Blumberg’s aimed at explaining the position of women relative to men in almost all types of societies. These societies included the earliest societies to the late twentieth century. ...
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Client’s Name: Course: 29 November 2011 Inequality in our society is as old as the human race itself, there is a constant struggle of parity which is going on in our society. Gender conflict theory is mainly about giving women the equal rights as men. Women are considered the weaker sex in our society and they have been subjected to a lot of pain in the past, things are gradually improving but there is still parity to be fought for…
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