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Dominant Groups

Therefore, an individual that has a dominant attribute of any of these aspects becomes part of the dominant group. Dominant groups play a vital role in the establishment of identities among member of the society (Pearson highered).
It is critical to understand dominance in the society since it is a vital aspect of community. Dominance has various repercussions in fields such as fashion, politics and other aspects of the society. Thus, understanding this concept will be vital in this discipline. Additionally, dominance influences human aspects such as sexuality significantly. Consequently, understanding this concept will provide us with vital insight into various issues pertaining to this society. Therefore, this concept is vital in understanding issue such as social classes and their influence on trends. Classism is a key component of sociology hence, studying dominance would enable an individual understand this component appropriately (Brantley
Understanding dominance would enable us understand the problems which contribute lead to dominance. These factors include wealth, race, education and culture. Therefore, understanding how these factors contribute to dominance will enable us have a comprehensive view of this topic. Additionally, it will enable a student understand other social which surround dominance. Factor such as wealth, power, race, education and culture influence dominance subsequently relevant studies will reveal what the minority parties are doing to achieve the dominant status. Additionally, studying dominance would provide insight on how various social classes perceive each other. Understanding dominance would also expand our knowledge on the existing groups and their interaction. Combination of power and wealth will result in super dominant group. Therefore, studying how factors that determine dominance interact would be essential. In the American society, dominance has been maintained in various ...
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There are certain groups that dominate with regard to culture, language and numbers. The attributes of the dominant groups overshadow those of the other groups regarded as minorities. In most societies, the cultures of minority…
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