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There is a cultural lag which still stereotypes males and females with differentiated roles. I feel these gender role stereotypes in modern society are more constraining for females, but in certain ways they are also constraining for males.


Synthesis Essay on Gender Roles

This essay shows 5 different sources about gender roles and how they have been changing throughout years.

Gender roles date back to the first appearance of humans on earth and were necessitated by the requirements of the time. Men were physically stronger and therefore did the hunting for food, and of course only women could child bear so they did the nurturing and domestic duties.
While today we obviously still require some role differentiation, many more roles can be performed equally well by both men and women. Therefore, as much as possible we should reduce sex role assignment and stereotyping, and move to a society which encourages most roles to be performed by either sex.

While men are now experiencing some constraints on acting on their sexual urges, constraints in dating can cause male anxiety which should be treated with empathy and understanding by women. Traditionally men initiated dating and even expected female compliance with their wishes. In some strongly patriarchal societies women couldn’t even refuse a marriage demand. Now fortunately women have the right to refuse both marriage and dates. However, while women have these rights and are and at least at times are encouraged to initiate contacts if they wish, because of past mores men are not used to risking rejection or dealing with forward women. It is not in their DNA. Their fragile egos have not yet prepared them to deal with such situation and move on if necessary. Therefore, while women should certainly have these rights, they should be used tactfully.
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