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Feminine Mystique for American society in 1960

Feminine Mystique for American society in 1960

Feminine Mystique had helped the women to express their irritations and dissatisfactions that have haunted them and with which they have dealt all alone. The spark was ignited by works of Betty Friedan in Feminine Mystique. The publication of such a work became the driving factor of forcing women to think about her own independent lifestyle. They appeared to be content, but a sort of irritation and dissatisfaction was growing within them. They were simply afraid to end up their life totally in this fashion with no recreation. A true feminist at that time was never supposed to demand for a successful working career or financial independence. The deep cultural changes were dragging women to workplaces and there they also ended up with dissatisfaction witnessing huge gender discrimination and more pay for male employees (unequal remuneration). Several protests led to social reforms in America after that. Keeping this at the backdrop, the essay addresses the wave of change that stirred the American society in 1960s with publication of Feminine Mystique, which created a national debate about women’s roles and over time acknowledged as one of the significant works of the modern women’s movement.

Interviews and surveys of contemporaries have been conducted by reputed organizations to find out the life of American women during 1960 i.e. post World War II. The Gallup organization had conducted 18,000 interviews of mainly divorced and aged women all hailing from 1960s. ...
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In the era of 1960s and before that women in America, especially married women, spent their entire life taking care of their husbands and children. Their whole life was confined to household chores and babysitting. The year of 1960 brought with it a wave of change in society and cultural transformation. …
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