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Grow and development.

The relationship between a parent and child is essential during this period because as an individual shifts from the role of dependent to assume the role of an adult, the dynamics of the family changes. Therefore, parents should accept the status of their child as an adult. Another important feature of this period is that young adults normally develop the feeling of self-definition and lost-identity (Arnett, 2006). Due to this, majority of young adult tend to obtain their self-identity and worth via external success. Emerging adulthood is characterized by age of many possibilities in that they have a conviction that they have good opportunities to live good lives than their parents did.
Emerging adulthood is different from adolescent stage in the sense that during adolescence phase, teenagers need to develop personal identity. In this phase, success will always lead to the capability to stay true to oneself while failure is feared because it is linked with lack of self-identity and role confusion. Contrary, emerging adults have a strong sense of self-identity in that they need to establish loving and intimate relationships with those people around them. Further, success in their careers leads to feeling of hope of bright future while failure is associated with isolation and loneliness (Arnett, 2006).
During physical development, young and emerging adults face shift in the shape of their bodies and brain structure that is responsible for roles such as planning, self-control, and judgment. Physical changes that take place affect major changes in cognitive and social attainment. The main tasks during the physical developmental stage are how to manage the changes that occur and their influence on subsequent social relationships and behaviors (Arnett, 2006).
Cognitive development helps young adults to develop into responsible people in managing their lives. For instance, they are in a position to manage their problems and education ...
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This phase includes late adolescence and beginning of adult life. This stage relates to young adults who do not have enough capital to be independent, have no children, and do not…
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