Critically Discuss the View That Women's Careers Are Not The Result of Free Choice - Assignment Example

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Critically Discuss the View That Women's Careers Are Not The Result of Free Choice

Women were seen making selective career decisions, acquiring professional education, enhancing their skills and eagerly working to support their families along with their husbands. Gradually with the passage of time, women were observed participating actively in different fields. According to United States Department of Labor, around 74 percent of women are working full time in different part of States. However, we cannot ignore that opting for a particular career is solely a woman’s decision but a woman’s career choice could be an outcome of the influence of different social factors. Childhood Socialization and Family influence: Gender roles and expectations of the society start establishing even before the child can actually understand his/her identity or learn about his/her personality. From early childhood, females are dressed in gender specific colors (pink) and they are given gender specific toys (dolls) to play with. This is a clear example of how our society behaves and discriminate children on the basis of their gender from an early childhood stage. We know that social play an important role in developing a girl’s view of her identity and her future role in the society as a home maker. ...
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Critically discuss the view that women’s careers are not the result of free choice Date: Introduction: There are several social factors that affect a woman’s identity and her career decisions. We cannot say that a woman’s career is a result of her free choice…
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