Gender inequalities in the workplace - Research Paper Example

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Gender inequalities in the workplace

Although it is evident that there have been significant gains in the workplace regarding equality in recent times, it is also evident that progress, to ensure equality, has stalled or slowed down. Despite being more than five decades since the idea of empowering women to participate in all the key sectors of the economy was born, it is evident that women face issues related to sexism in their workplace. In effect, this has had an effect of slowing down the gains achieved in ensuring equality.
In the United States, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was one of the instruments that contributed to the participation of women in the workplace. This article not only prohibits discrimination due to gender, but also prohibits discrimination of people from the workplace based on their origin and religion (Gregory 1). Inadvertently with the advent of Title VII, it is evident that the world witnessed sweeping changes in the economic and social trends, which enhanced the participation of women in the workplace with the statistics increasing ever since. In the contemporary world, the United States continues to witness women rising in positions of power and their elevation to professional and corporate levels that were previously not fathomed. Despite all these achievements, various issues continue to underline inequality in the workplace.
Sex discrimination in the workplace and other key areas of the economy might have subsided although it has not ended. Commenting about the participation and discrimination of women in the workplace, Abrams noted, “The present day finds us not at the end of the path, but navigating a crucial bend in the road” (1183). In this regard, women have realized that they have made substantial gains in the workplace although there are factors that inhibit their participation in the workplace. In line with this, it is crucial to point out that today’s woman can secure ...
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In effect, the world continues to witness women working together with men to produce results in the workplace. Nonetheless, the issue of women working…
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