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Development of Sexual Identity

There are varying theories that try to explicate or prove factors that could produce sexual orientation, but no single aspect could especially do that, so a need to combine them is essential in understanding this matter. Biological factor There are evidences suggesting that sexual orientation or the development of one’s sexual identity from the biological perspective is genetic. This can be particularly observed in a case of twins. In one of the twins identifying oneself as homosexual, the response on the other on this matter as observed is most likely the same even though they might have been separated or raised in completely different social environment (Walsh 1997). Another important finding shows that brain structures played a significant role towards sexual identity. Unlike their heterosexual counterparts, homosexuals have larger anterior commissure, a bundle of neurons that connect the brain’s right and left hemisphere (Cabaj & Stein 1996). However, the results of the above findings remained inconclusive and statistically insignificant due to the fact that the studies were only conducted to small samples (Feldman 2003). ...
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Development of Sexual Identity Introduction People around the world come from different sexual orientation. Society dictates that females have certain role in the same way with their male counterparts. In fact, in a traditional society males are expected to be masculine, aggressive and to be dominant over their female counterparts…
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