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Gendered-Language Journal

Sociolinguistics is the study of society and language. Sociolinguistics attempts to analyze the social factors which leading to the diversity of human languages, whereas many linguists concentrate on exploring unity under the diversity of human languages. In a nut shell, sociolinguists focus on the differences in languages and variation within a particular society language. As stated earlier, this paper will focus on the aspects of sociolinguistic variations in terms of gender based conversations. For example, television interviews, conversations in professional meetings, and daily readings.
Language is particularly a form of social behavior and societies tend to split into groups displaying behavior differences. People react and behave variedly when giving information or involved in a particular conversation especially where a common gender is involved. This is generally due to the fact that language defines group identity because of its deep social function. People of same gender in a particular social group speak like one another. This strengthens the bonds and at the same time divides people from those in other groups speaking differently. This is a result of dialect. Dialect signals there individuals come from. This may be regional dialect and has significant applications to the social background of individuals. In a conversation within a common group of people or gender, they appear distinguished from other groups in their linguistic structure and features such as grammar, accent, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Most often than not, people of different dialects have varied accents, however, speakers of a common dialect may show different accents as well. This has resulted into Standard English; however, people speak differently and uniquely due to their education, life experience, aspiration, and age. This is what is observed in gendered language (Aitchison, 1978).
In any particular gender conversation, for ...
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Sociolinguistic variation is a discipline of study that focuses on the way language varies and changes in the speakers’ communities and concentrates specifically on the interaction of social factors like the speakers ethnicity, gender, age, and degree of integration into the…
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