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The magazine empowers its female readers by encouraging them to use their minds to analyze and reflect upon world issues, national concerns, and even local politics if the article permits. The advertising in the magazine evokes the sexiness that women look for in their product ads but also encourages them to reach for a higher potential.
Cosmopolitan magazine on the other hand lives up to its name as being the sexy magazine for the urban woman. Its cover alone promotes the sensuality of women and advertises ways and means that women can make themselves more sexually appealing to men. The concerns of the magazine are not as deep as that of Ms as Cosmopolitan contains mostly articles that promote the sexuality of women. However, Cosmopolitan is similar to Ms in the sense that they both promote female empowerment. Just in highly different terms. Cosmopolitan advises that women sell their sex, even in their advertising. Ms decided to market itself as the thinking womans magazine instead by promoting female empowerment through equality of the genders and discussing issues that are important to the feminist cause.
That said, both magazine serve a solid and clear purpose in promoting their own female causes. Neither magazine can really be called better than the other. Instead, they are equal and relevant to the female cause in their own ...
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I decided to compare these two magazines because of their contrasting content, even though both magazines are gearing themselves toward supporting female empowerment…
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