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Understanding the Oppression of Women

Understanding the Oppression of Women

The situation of women in American society has progressed multi folds and is an ongoing process.Oppression of women is a topic that is talked about with passion by feminists but when we look at the history of oppression to women, we realize that it is quite a recent event. The woman was actually held in very high esteem as the mother of the clan and one who is responsible for building the clan. It is interesting to note that because of this quality, women were valued and considered too valuable to part with. Men leave their birth clans and get adopted by the clan of the women they choose to be with. This is quite complete contrast to modern society where it is the woman who leaves her family and takes on the man’s name. It is therefore arguable that the inequality came with the development of civilization, the growth of society, economic development and the onset of class distinctions in society. The superiority of man over woman came about around the fifteenth century as marriage laws set in English society. The concept of one woman for one man resulted eventually in women becoming enslaved and segregated according to their childbearing abilities. The freedom to choose and father children out of wedlock was a prestige that was only given to the upper class. There was also a very distinct trend with regards to labour emerging from competition and extreme growth and demand for the economy. Until them women and men had enjoyed equal division of labour, apart from household chores, as the main source of income was agriculture. ...
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It is however arguable, if gender inequality can be completely eradicated in certain areas. Despite the fact that women have gained recognition in the professional work force, an inequality still exists in the political realm in the United States…
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