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Late Adulthood Paper

The body experiences changes such as loss of teeth resulting in poor eating habits that cause malnutrition. Muscles atrophy and loss of muscle tissues elasticity reduces elasticity and enhances stiffness. This developmental stage would commonly be accompanied by health issues that propagate challenges associated with the respiratory, digestive and genitourinary systems.
The cognitive changes would be explained by selection, optimization and compensation, SOC theory cited by Kail and Cavanaugh (2013) which postulates that people in late adulthood would exhibit greater motivation and persistence in compensation task. Wisdom would be critical in their construction of integrity while they maintain their attention capabilities and cognitive processing of visual information, but would have their ability to pay attention to a particular task decline. Due to shrinking brain, their memory also decreases as they become more forgetful, indecisive and intellectually slow. Late adulthood has also been associated with off-target verbosity where the involved persons tend to drift to irrelevant issues during conversations (Gerstorf et al., 2010).
The socioemotional changes in late adulthood include decline in intensity levels for positive and negative emotions. It comes with disengagement, maintaining low activity levels and high levels of personal satisfaction. Due to loss of families and friends, they adopt a dismissive attachment style to help them cope with this. There would be a decline in the activities involved in their leisure time with majority being associated with religiosity and spirituality (Gerstorf et al., 2010). They would spend considerable time reconciling the realities of life and evaluating their lives. But the socioemotional selectivity theory cited by Kail and Cavanaugh (2013) postulates on older adults optimizing their social networks with rewarding relationships.
Late adulthood signifies a ...
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Even though it would be widely argued of old age as being a state of mind, several physical, cognitive socioemotional changes signify late adulthood, even though…
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