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on Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage first became a reality in America in the year 2004, when the Supreme Court in Massachusetts actually ruled that it was necessary under the equal protections clause of the state's Constitution. Connecticut in reality began permitting same-sex marriages in the fall of 2009. In April 2009, Iowa's Supreme Court ruled in favor of permitting same-sex couples to marry, also giving advocates an important first victory in the nation's heartland and thwarting the notion that only the Northeast will permit it. 7 April 2009 the Vermont Legislature made the difference. “Jim Douglas's veto of a bill permitting gay couples to marry, mustering precisely enough votes to conserve the measure. This step made Vermont the first state to actually permit same-sex marriage through legislative action instead of the ruling of court.” (Boswell, John) Two more states--New Hampshire and New Jersey--recognize civil unions for same-sex couples; an intermediate step that supporters say has made same-sex marriage seem less scary. New England remains pivotal in same-sex marriage movement, with a campaign under way that will extend marriage rights to gay men and lesbians in all six of the region's states by 2012. The meaning of marriage gets completely redefined when two men marry each other and the same has become an issue that has come to the limelight. ...
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Client’s Name: Course: 4 March 2012 Homosexuality is widely spread all across the globe; this is very evident in countries like Spain, England and other European countries. The European countries are more open to this concept than other countries located in the other continents…
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