Kiva & The Girl Effect: Social Activism Among Women - Essay Example

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Kiva & The Girl Effect: Social Activism Among Women

Social activism and action are a way to create a difference within an interest group to get people to pay attention to their motive. It borderlines on calm rallying and doing what it takes to create awareness about an issue without quite reaching the point of being rowdy enough to be arrested. Social activism is the start of or a portion of a movement. It is a group with one common goal. Activism is a means of noticing a problem, looking for a solution, creating awareness and trying to get in front of the eyes of the public to get something done. Typically this involves recruiting people or even convincing members of political parties or other groups.
While evaluating the Kiva website, what was learned about microfinance from this source is that this website is a means for people in what appears to be third world or developing countries that are trying to create a means to earn a wage. These people do not have traditional means to banking services and loans to earn money. The people taking advantage of these microfinances and loans are extremely poor but still need ways to earn money to feed their families. These people are selling handmade aprons just to put their children in school. However, there is very little opportunity for them to become entrepreneurs (, 2012). ...
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When considering what the definition of social activism and action might be, what first comes to mind is pinpointing an issue that targets a certain group or demographic and trying to make a difference. Typically, activism and action do not need to take place unless for some reason there is a problem with a tactic, technique, law…
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