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Gender Oppression Glossary

Marxist feminists see the Capitalist mode of production as the root cause of all gender inequality. The capitalist framework of the society, its mode of operation and production is determined as the ultimate cause of all gender inequality and oppression of women. The oppression of women is a part of the larger Class Oppression where the male dominated society suppresses the rights and freedom of the women folk. Engels - The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State written by Engels after Marx’s death serves as the back bone for the cause of dismantling capitalism and social and economical equality. It was Engels’s treatise on Marx’s analysis and understanding of the society and his comments on progressive US scholar Lewis Henry Morgan. A deep exploration of the human society, its inbuilt instincts of gender organisation, and the tendency to form a patriarchal society based on male domination is done in the book The Post Medieval Concept of Family and Marriage: Male Privilege A society is identified by its class framework, or in other words a society and its individuals are identified and heavily influenced by the system of classification of its people. ...
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Gender Oppression Marxist Feminism: Marxist feminism is based on women liberation and empowerment thorough the corrective action of dismantling capitalism. It is said in this theory of feminism that the root cause of all gender oppression, atrocities and unfair treatment metted out to the women of the society is due to the presence of private property…
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