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Iron Jawed Angeles- Movie analysis

They were not given the rights to vote because the society on the whole though they cannot choose candidates rationally. They simply lacked the understanding necessary to comprehend the complexities of politics.
Alice Paul approaches Ben purely to further her agenda. Ben fancies her the moment they have their first conversation. It would have been compromising for Alice to get political and PR favors from him and secretly harbor a romance story. She was only interested in business and not pleasure even if she wanted to. Had she gotten romantically involved with Ben it would have hindered her efforts promoting the full voting rights for women. The way how the movie progresses showing Ban asking for dinner/lunch frequently shows that it is Ben who initiates the romance fling. Alice agrees to eat with him only after he had given her something in return.
The other reason is Alice thinks if she would get romantically involved with Ben it will prevent her from reaching her goals. Somehow she will get distracted from her mission. During the scene when Ben is teaching her how to dance, he tries to kiss her. Even though she wanted to kiss him but somehow she turns her head away. Despite the fact that she fantasizes about him while taking a bath.
The movie immediately shows a police officer listening to this threat. However, he does not react at all to such threatening insults. Even after one person throws a bottle at women, there is no reaction from the police authority.
Thomas Leighton, the senator for the democrats sees the paper one morning and reads to his wife that her name is among the notable contributors to the National Women’s Party (NWP). Upon learning that the NWP is urging women voters not to vote for the Democrats, he takes away the monthly funds from his wife’s account.
During the confrontational debate between Inez Milholland and Woodrow Wilson, the president is clearly preventing the ...
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Prior to the female empowerment which is evident in today’s world, it was purely a male dominant society. One of the many reasons for this attitude was females were considered inferior to men…
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