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Interpersonal communication in romantic relationship

Their arrangements are not the same. In some cases, romantic relationships end up in marriage. This relationship has two divisions, the popular romance, which is the normal falling in love and divine relationship, which depends on a person’s belief. This paper states the role of interpersonal communication in a romantic relationship.
Communication is very important in a romantic relationship. This will predict whether the relationship has a future or it is doomed to fail. Communication entails the feelings the couples feel towards each other. It also has details on why they fell for each other, and the reasons why they need it to last for long. People can judge the nature of someone’s relationship from the length of their communication. A very short communication time shows the two couples are not deeply in love with each other (Odukoya, 2010).
Many people argue that if partners are similar in some particular way, they will love each other. This will determine the nature of their interpersonal communication. People in a relationship have to communicate to gather information about each other. These communication methods will not be the same throughout the relationship. It will have to gain a new pattern at some point. Communication is important in predicting the future of the relationship. Things learned from communication will have a mental representation of the other partner. Thus, it will influence the way they behave before their partners.
A good communication brings a sense of security to the relationship. Researchers argue that spouses get that feeling of attachment and feel the comfort of their relationship, if the other partner responds as well. Communication will help partners evaluate each other’s beliefs. With time, they come to understand each others tastes. This is important in a relationship. The partners will get to understand each other and define how each partner feels towards the other.
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The two people should have a feeling for each other. People in this relationship have a pleasurable feeling towards each other. They have to show romance and the reason they have…
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Interpersonal communication in romantic relationship essay example
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