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Gendered Division of Labor - Essay Example


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Gendered Division of Labor

On the other hand, women are always based in the home and carry out duties that do not have any kind of pay. This is the arrangement that has been in place before the 1970s; most family researchers found it ideal to have women staying at home and concentrate on housework and taking care of the children. On the other hand, men were not involved in any way in taking care of issues that were related to the family; instead, they concentrated more on cooperate roles. There is the common idea of viewing women as symbols of consumers, workers and emotional comforters. Division of labor is rampant to the extent that when one talks about “nurse”, people would immediately think of a woman, on the other hand, the word “soldier” conjures the image of a man. Women spend more time on household chores than men and these are mostly the non-pleasant and obligatory duties that are performed in isolation. This is a factor that increases the level of stress among most women in the United States. However, when men do household chores, this tends to be the infrequent and optional tasks; these are more likely fun-filled activities such as playing with children or cooking for fun. On account of gendered division of labor in crop production, men and women have different roles to play and this ranged from one region to another and on different communities too. It is usually men who do the plowing while women concentrate on weeding, applying of fertilizer and harvesting. Additionally, men tend to concentrate on large

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scale farming with highly mechanized tools while women tend to concentrate more on subsistence farming that deals with the locally available materials and tools. Theoretical Concept of Gendered Division of Labor Gendered division of labor is deeper than words, thus an explanation is needed to explain why women tend to do some jobs while men concentrate on others. There are various theoretical frameworks related to the issue of gendered division of labor. According to Coltrane and Adams (2007), nature is a symbol that is used to decide on the kind of work that a person can concentrate on. Thus, biological and religious arguments suggest that according to the physical nature of women, they are designed to take care of children and husbands. As a result, they are automatically supposed to take care of housework to ensure that their husbands and children are comfortable. In line with this, functionalist theorists argue that women perform expressive roles in the family while men concentrate on the instrumental roles, which is a family requirement that may be found outside the family institution. Economy is seen as another factor for gendered division of labor. In this case, there is the ideology that while men monopolize paid work located in offices and women do housework, there is maximization of the efficiency of the family as a unit. The family will get its basic requirements and at the same time, there will be a peaceful coexistence with the home well tendered to by the woman in the house (Kimmel, 2000). In addition to this, education and income are seen as contributory factors to gendered division of labor. Therefore, women end up doing work that is concentrated in the home because most of the time, women have lower education qualifications compared to the men, hence their time worth in the economic market may be less compared to the


Name: Gendered Division of Labor There is the use of symbols in many societies. This is as a result of the existence of various functions in the society and all of these are represented in different ways. As a result of this, the society comes up with ways of portraying these ideas…
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Gendered Division of Labor essay example
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